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Welcome to my website! My name is Michael Alfonso. It has been a joy to work in the design industry for nearly a decade. I consider myself a multi-disciplinary designer; my background in architecture (Bachelor of Arts in Architecture —Florida International University) has been essential to my interior design and graphic design work, respectively.

Areas of interest: Cosmetics and product branding, retail furniture visualization, 3D cabinetry modeling, rendering, and furniture in-store drafting, magazine illustrations, exhibit designs, custom artwork for web and social media platforms, custom logos, and furniture laminate selection.  I hope you enjoy looking at the variety of my work! “The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” - Steven Pressfield



Over the last decade I've had the opportunity to contribute meaningful and entertaining work across several industries. The projects below touch upon retail, beverage, and vector illustration.

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Cosmetic Cabinetry

Adore Cosmetics was my introduction to the retail and interior design world in 2013. My background in architectural drafting and 3D modeling helped me produce store visuals for mall and franchisee approval. Alongside drafting interior store elevations and producing 3D renderings, I provided essential brand content to forward its sales and placement across malls and social media platforms.

Beverage Concept

There's never a shortage of brand content for alcoholic beverages: television commercials, social media posts, magazine ads, etc...With Morristown NJ Ale I created several custom artworks for brand recognition suitable for digital and print.

Custom Jewelry Showcases

The world of retail cabinetry is very rewarding and challenging: the upside is that there's more than one way to build custom pieces while having a variety of material selections. Also worth mentioning is the power of a CNC machine; its role in the fabrication process is critical once shop drawings are produced.

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Rustic Clockwork Artwork

In 2018 I created a mechanical horse alongside several digital collage artworks which sold to a Miami custom decor company. After this success, I continued with the mechanical themed series which now includes a bull, a rooster, and a ballerina. The artwork is done in vector form and available in several sizes.

Concept Athletics Art

This was a concept artwork I designed to promote my alma mater's football team. South Florida is littered with amazing athletic talent and I wanted to create something exciting for my university. American universities have a strong bond with their students and alumni; so much so, that over the years a social media subculture has grown tremendously by posting memes and in-game athletic graphics for fans to track.

Curved Kiosk

Kiosk's are popular furniture pieces for retailers and can be found in every mall. Regardless of their leased footprint, a handful of workers can work comfortably and sell merchandise to nearby customers. Kiosks need to be powered, follow A.D.A. guidelines, branding pylon, and —depending on the mall—require high performance solid-surface (Corian) and laminate materials.


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