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Variants and More Variants

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Since last post, the Primitive Eagle #1 has been updated considerably. There are more color variants now, including a gold, winter, and Miami Vice theme. The first update was all gold with a yellow beak and green eye: It's fun to create different gradients and playful colors within specific areas, but the process can also lead to color clashing. Nowadays, software tends to do most of the heavy lifting--whether designers want to admit it or not--programs have evolved tremendously over the last 20 years; there's an infinite amount of color combinations, layer blend modes, and gradient angles which can be updated with a click of a button or two. And I suppose that is the purpose of a computer--to alleviate mundane tasks and solve complicated functions. And that is ok.

The computer often has a hand (or two) in creating wonderful "surprises" during the design process. Much like a navigator steering his wheel and successfully sailing over the ocean. The computer is just a tool. And what a wonderful tool it is!

So, without further ado, I present the new primitive eagle variants.

The Gold variant has the distinction of being the first primitive eagle; however, it was actually Style F which sold first. (Client located in Spring Hill, FL)

Style A

This is Style A and it contains a custom tribal stripe on the left hand side. The rectangle on the left hand side of the eagle has a large role to play since the artwork is boxed in due to the original geometric shapes which form it. And that is ok. Any area which is not representing abstract pebbles or mosaic tiles is considered to be another area to carry elements essential to pre-modern times. The stripe is a callback element of tribal influence, adding to the primitive eagle's pre-modern origin.

Going Blue: Style K & Miami Vice

The theme behind Style K is "Winter". Blue is a very popular color and I wanted to explore different blues in contrast to the orange, yellow, and red colors used in previous eagle versions. In contrast to the straightforward color scheme in Style K, the Miami Vice style was more challenging and fun. Being from Miami, FL, I simply had to try a Miami Vice themed eagle. Here I draw upon colors which Miami Beach is known for with the exception of teal.

Aside from creating a complimentary color scheme, the bulk of the challenge was within the mosaic tile areas. Here is a close up of the gradient pattern used within the pebbled/mosaic tiling.

Two Wings are Better than One

The eagle finally gets his second wing and returns to a bolder color scheme.

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